Board Of Directors

Katherine Jozefczak


With a background in banking and finance, I recognize the value of future investments and have learned that true empowerment comes from educational access and physical engagement. My involvement in my child’s education and travels to Central America showed me the profound impact of these opportunities. I believe every child deserves education and physical skill development, regardless of their background. Driven to help those facing extra barriers, I’m excited to use my skills to positively impact children worldwide with Hope Across Borders.

Svenja Trepper


My background in Psychology, NLP, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness, Business, and Marketing has equipped me with a holistic view on personal potential and its impact on lives. Experience from founding an alternative learning center has enhanced my understanding of youth needs. I see quality education and essential resources as keys to every child’s success, driving my efforts to support holistic child well-being. At Hope Across Borders, aligning with efforts to bridge educational gaps motivates me to contribute to lasting positive change globally.

Michael Feichtmair


Michael is a highly experienced and dynamic leader, perfectly suited to guide Hope Across Borders thanks to his wide-ranging experience in different sectors. His career shows a constant drive for top-notch performance and new ideas. He’s worked in various industries, making him not only experienced but also adaptable, equipped with a solid mix of strategic planning and practical skills. Michael is driven by a desire to apply his extensive experience towards a cause that resonates deeply with him: uplifting the lives of children and families through education. His role is instrumental in realizing our vision of a world where education is a universally accessible right, not a privilege.

Kirk T. Melton


As the Founder and Director of another Public Charity for nearly 20 years Melton’s passion is helping people and assisting them to become all they can be. He understands that the success of the individual as well as that of our entire planet depends on good holistic education.  As an entrepreneur, inventor, manufacturer, builder and teacher, Melton’s passion is passing on sustainable methods, life skills and training to our next generations. Working with Hope Across Borders allows him to expand that role to other countries.

Jos de Kruijf


Jos de Kruijf blends 30+ years in global business and technology with a passion for empowering communities. His strategic acumen and operational excellence now fuel Hope Across Borders, aiming to uplift underfunded educational sectors. With experience across continents and fluency in three languages, Jos is dedicated to ensuring every child has access to quality education, driving positive change worldwide.

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Empowering children in underprivileged areas through education, resources, and support. Join us in creating a future where every child has the opportunity to thrive.
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